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Mould Refresher Course

Mould Refresher Course: 

Dates:             12 May 2023

Duration:        1 Day

Venue:            TBC

Price:               $450 +gst

Trainer:           Scott McFadzen WLS

Register:         anna@restorationgroup.co.nz

The mould refresher will go over what the AMRT & WRT course envelope as a course in 1 day.

Mould refresher agenda :

  • Health & Safety

  • Mould practises and processes

  • Conditions, Categories and classes

  • Contents - Definition of porous, semi-porous and non-porous

  • Contents cleaning methods

  • PPE requirements

  • Containments

  • AFD sizing

  • Psychrometry & Drying Science

  • Humidity Control and air movement

  • Moisture meters

  • Reviewing of reports & limitations


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