First ever COMBO Training Course - FSRT & WRT Together in one place!


The IICRC-approved Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT) course is designed to teach restoration personnel who perform remediation work to give them a better concept of the effects of water damage and techniques for the drying of structures.  This course will give residential and commercial maintenance personnel the background to understand procedures for dealing with water losses, sewer back-flows, and contamination such as mould. This course will enable the participant to obtain IICRC-WRT certification.


The IICRC-approved Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician (FSRT) course concentrates on technical procedures for successfully completing the restoration of a fire and smoke damaged environment.  Students will learn how to combine technical procedures with a practical approach to managing the job site and how that relates to pricing the job.
This amazing course is taught by Micheal Gordon who deals with fire and smoke situations on a weekly basis and will allow the participant to obtain IICRC FSRT certification at the end of the course.

COMBO Course: 

Dates:             24th - 28th June 2019

Duration:        5 days (19 hours)

Venue:            TBC Auckland

Price:               $1,790 +gst

Trainer:           Michael Gordon FSRT & Scott McFadzen WLS, WRT

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