Phoenix R150 LGR Dehumidifier

The smallest, lightest, most portable LGR, with GTR™ Technology

  • Removes 38 Litres per day (at AHAM)
  • Removes 68 Litres per day at saturation
  • Draws 3.3 Amps
  • 37kg
  • Compact - 51cm x 76cm x 43cm
  • Stackable
  • 150 CFM
  • Patent-pending GTR™ technology for higher grain depression and extends operating range to 110°F
  • Solid State Control Panel 
  • Stacks 2-high for easy storage 
  • Recessed 12” Wheels 
  • Pleated Media MERV-8 Filter; Optional MERV-11 
  • Convenient Front Pocket for cord and hose storage

With water removal of 38 L per day AHAM, using 3.3 Amps and weighing a mere 37kg, the Phoenix R150 50Hz LGR dehumidifier packs the performance of a “Large” dehumidifier into the smallest, lightest, and most portable chassis in the restoration market. The R150 50Hz with patented GTRTM (Graduated Thermal Reduction) Technology combines Phoenix innovation, technical expertise, and proven durability into a unit that will remove more water, produce larger grain depression, and dry structures faster than competitive dehumidifiers. The R150 50Hz’s GTRTM technology will allow the restoration professional to continue to dry in higher temperatures without any manual adjustments to the unit.

In addition to this unit’s performance benefits, the R150 50Hz offers outlet ducting, pleated media filter, energy efficient operation, and front cord and hose storage. The handle design and compact body add to its appeal for stacking, storage and transport.


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