TMF - BIOPRO 10K Enzyme PreSpray 8LB JAR (3.6KG)



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8LB JAR (3.6KG)

Tired of other ENZYME presprays that just don't cut it? Then it's time for you to move up to BIO Pro 10-K with Enzymes & Polyester Cleaner added. This carpet cleaning PreSpray works well with any of TMF's boosters and rinses.

Bio Pro10K is the new and improved Pro10K and is loaded with pre-measured solvents and boosters. It's an all in one product that will clean virtually any synthetic carpet, from nylons to olefins and polyesters. We put everything in it so feel free to throw it at the nastiest of carpets. Be prepared to be amazed!


  • Use mechanical agitation for best results-CRB, 175 or OP
  • Use lower #'s on nylons and more on polyester
  • Use Rob's Secret Formula Rinse for longest lasting results
  •  Add 1 scoop of Groutmaster for super rat nasty
  • Add 1 scoop of Pure02 for urine soaked carpets
  • Not for stain resists or natural fibres


  • Dissolves fast in hot water.
  • Pump up 1 gallon sprayer:
  • Low/Med soil-2-3oz (1-1.5 scoops)
  • Heavy soil-3-4oz (1.5-2 scoops)

Hydro-force/Inline sprayers:

  • 8:1 tip-8oz to 18oz (4-9 scoops)
  • 4:1 tip-4oz to 10oz (2-5 scoops)

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