Hydramaster APO

HydraMaster’s APO is built for reliability. It is externally mounted to the recovery tank. It dismounts quickly for easy serviceability and is driven by a high-efficiency DC motor. This vertical mounting design protects the APO assembly from damage and preserves valuable van floor space.

The Dura-Flow™ APO is engineered to produce a 4.5 GPM flow under full vacuum (14″ HG) and requires just 9.5 amps compared to competitive models needing 13 to 25 amps. It uses a ¼ HP 12-volt DC motor and low RPM pump for longer impeller life. Since no filters are required, this APO is able to pump solids and debris.

Most reliable pump out in the industry.

  • No filters or check valves to clog
  • Works well for water damage 4.5 gpm at 14″ HG
  • Low amp ¼ HP 12-volt DC motor
  • Full one year warranty

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