Hydramaster BOXXER XL – 31HP DUAL WAND

You get uncompromising performance in a high level dual wand power-packed truckmount from the Boxxer XL. Utilizing the HydraMaster Water Conservation System, it can be inactive under a full vacuum load for as long as 40 minutes without wasting fresh water. Whether you are setting up for carpet cleaning, or doing water extraction on a flood job, the “no-dump”/full bypass heat exchanger system means your hot water is used on the job, not dumped into the recovery tank, saving precious fuel every day. The Boxxer XL is 20% quieter than comparable slide-in truckmounts. The Boxxer XL produces a decibel level of 68db.  Finally, the Boxxer XL produces performance levels that most truckmounts only dream about – True dual wand capabilities; 400+CFM, attains 245°F temperature; and proven and tested coupler direct driven blower.

31HP + 400+CFM + 1200PSI + 245° F +2 Wands = The numbers add up to your next truckmount!

Perfectly Powered 31 HP Air Cooled Engine: Industrial engine delivers maximum power in an incredibly fuel efficient fashion.
Quietest in its Class: Innovative Air Flow - Routing and controlling concepts make it 20% quieter than a comparable truckmount.
Extreme Vacuum and Water Extraction Recovery: 400+ CFM for faster drying, faster extraction! Direct coupler driven for maximum power transfer.
Uncompromising Cleaning Solution Temperature: 245° F Temperature rating with 185 F at 1.25 GMP continuous flow.
Completely Dual Wand Capable: plumbed and prepared for you to double your productivity when you need to!
Patented Heat Control System: ADC Control Diverter Manages heat for more consistent temperature delivery, virtually eliminates dumping trash water during cleaning delays and water extraction.
Simpler Maintenance: “Arms Length” design and removable magnetic panels allow for easy access to crucial components and serviceable parts.

  • Handles residential and commercial cleaning jobs
  • Utilizing the HydraMaster Water Conservation System, it can be inactive under a full vacuum load for as long as 40 minutes without wasting fresh water.
  • The Boxxer XL is 20% quieter than a comparable slide-in truckmount.
  • True dual wand capabilities
  • 400+CFM (static measurement), attains 245◦F temperature (185◦F continuous flow at 1.25GPM)
  • Proven and tested coupler direct driven blower
  • Easy accessibility and serviceability with removable magnetic panels


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