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HydraMaster Knockout 1 - 1 QT

Specialist Next Generation Stain Remover

Knockout 1 is a convenient, one part, ready to use product, there is no messy mixing or throwing away of mixed formula when you are done.

Special additives allow KnockOut 1 to go well beyond so called magic stain removers. It effectively removes most difficult stains caused by mustard, furniture stains, wood stain, stubborn urine stains, plant stains, and vomit. Stains caused by wine, coffee, tea, juices, berries are no match for KnockOut 1.

Shoe polish, spray paint, and even the last traces of inks and pigments can be treated with KnockOut 1. Not only that, Knock Out 1 contains encapsulating polymers which aid in spot removal and assist in preventing re-soiling of the treated area.

Knockout is designed for use by trained cleaning professionals.


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