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HydraMaster Redbreak 1 - 1 QT

One Part Red Stain and Coloured Food and Drink Stain Remover

No more mixing solutions and then throwing away valuable product. Red Break 1 is a revolutionary breakthrough in stain removal science. Utilising reducing and polymer technology, Red Break 1 alters the structure of difficult stains by removing them or making them invisible. Red Break 1 is designed to remove stains caused by any food or beverage with color added. Stains caused by children’s fruit drinks, sports drinks, frozen popsicles, and more can be eliminated.

This product is safe and effective on virtually any stain caused by a common household food or beverage spill and is recommended only for use on synthetic carpet fibres. Red Break 1 often works simply by applying solution directly to the stain. For stubborn stains, the application of heat as an accelerator can enhance the treatment process. Unlike conventional red stain removers, Red Break 1 is a one part system that requires no mixing.

As with any stain removal product, there is always a slight chance of some color loss to the carpet, so always pretest in an inconspicuous area.

Red Break 1 is designed for use by trained cleaning professionals.


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