Hydro Shark Moisture Sensor

  • 79cm long
  • Reads moisture content of 17%
  • For use in urine detection and moisture mapping
  • Light flashes and beep sounds when moisture detected

The Hydro Shark is a heavy-duty moisture sensor that detects moisture in carpet, drywall, and wood. 
Great for urine detection or for moisture mapping at the beginning of any water damage job. Confused by too much equipment on the market and hungry for a tool that never quits? Check out the toughest marine predator on the market: The Hydro-Shark. This heavy-duty moisture sensor is so tough, engineers repeatedly ran it over with an SUV and failed to make a dent.

The competition? Their sensor flattened faster than a beer can!

A tough exterior is only the beginning of the story: the moment the Shark detects moisture in carpet, drywall and wood (even if it is trapped in urine), a bio-hazard light flashes and a beep sounds. This state-of-the-art tool is crafted of stainless steel with a no-slip rubber grip and convenient battery portal.

Never wade into uncharted waters without teeth! In an ocean of choices, go for the moisture sensor you can count on to deliver results.


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