MasterBlend Redline PreSpray

Powder concentrate

RedLine PreSpray Powder Concentrate is a high-performance super concentrated powder prespray. Excellent for use on the heaviest soil on commercial-grade and residential carpets. Deep cleans olefin carpets for superior carpet appearance. Reduces cleaning time and post spotting. RedLine PreSpray Powder Concentrate has a powerful enzyme formula which quickly breaks down oil, grease, and other difficult soils. WORKS INSTANTLY!

  • Concentrated
  • Breaks down oil, grease, and other difficult soils
  • Ready to use pH is 10.0


Mix 2 scoops (2 ounces) per gallon of hot water.
For an in-line sprayer mix 6 scoops (6 ounces) per 5 quarts water, and use the 10:1 tip. Rinse and extract carpet.

For olefin and heavily soiled carpets, mix 3 scoops (3 ounces) Redline PreSpray and 3 ounces ZapIt per gallon of hot water.

In an inline sprayer mix 1 cup (8 scoops) RedLine PreSpray and 1 cup ZapItper 5 quarts of water.


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