Steamvac BOSS 650 EFI

This is an affordable truck mount that offers the quality components and engineering of a more expensive unit. With the objective of a smaller footprint in mind, the Steamvac BOSS 650 EFI Truck Mount will out-perform its rivals above and beyond your expectations.  With the re-engineered Hot Vapour Heat Exchanger and the power of a Kohler 29 HP EFI V-Twin engine, you will get more for your dollar!

Operation of the BOSS 650 EFI

Running a 4000psi seamless stainless steel heat exchange coil with a 4-1 burst rate meaning that unlike any imported brand, the BOSS 650 EFI does not bypass high pressure away from the heat exchanger so you can clean on high pressure and maintain a high level of heat. Another major advantage in the engineering of the BOSS 650 EFI is the fact that it does not dump a single drop of water back to the waste tank which means you are using much less water to do the same job therefore being better for the environment and your pocket. With less moving parts, no need for exhaust diverters or solenoids, the BOSS 650 EFI is belt driven for reliability and ease of maintenance.

Steamvac BOSS Truck Mounts will save you money with our innovative design. We believe that you will save up to 60% on your maintenance costs compared to imported brands. Locally sourced parts and a full back-up and support network means you will be working sooner, rather than sitting in a repair centre waiting room or waiting for parts to be freighted from overseas.On all testing procedures, the BOSS 650 EFI has out-performed, even holding 80-90 Degrees C on the floor at pressures required for tile and hard floor cleaning.

Do yourself a favour, before you buy anything else make sure you see what the BOSS 650 EFI can do for you!


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