Phoenix AirMax Radial Air Mover

Powerful with safety a key feature

  • Draws 0.6 Amps
  • 1274 m3/hr
  • Ultra secure stacking and cord wrap
  • 7m Cord
  • Lightweight 9.5kg
  • CE rated
  • Hailed Best-in-Class by Jondon

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The compact 52cm X 43cm footprint and 23cm height make the Phoenix AirMax the most compact and portable fan in its class. The rugged molded in handle gives you the solid control required when packing and unpacking lots of air movers. Its easy-winding cord wrap and multiple securement options makes it a snap to prep for transport. Because of its deeply-molded interlocking features, the Phoenix AirMax is rock solid when stacked for transport.

The Patent Pending, motor support x-bracket and optimized outlet shape, the Phoenix AirMax delivers air ow of 1274 m3/hr. This gives you high velocity air over 25% more area than other low profile air movers. In addition, the Phoenix AirMax is stable in all four drying positions to maximise flexibility.

The Phoenix AirMax is the safest fan in its class; where competitors position high voltage electrical connections low to the floor, the leading edge design of the Phoenix AirMax allows these connections to be located more than 4 times the minimum required height. The Phoenix AirMax is built to keep the contractor and their customers safe.


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