Rensair Q01B Hospital Grade HEPA Air Purifier

Powerful, Portable, Lightweight, True HEPA - 99.97% effective

  • This patented HEPA Filter and UVC Lamp innovation design traps and destroys 99.97% of airborne bacteria and viruses
  • Hospital Grade HEPA H13 Filtration
  • 9,000 hours continuous use before filter change
  • Unique 18W UVC Lamp
  • Purifies 560m3 of air per hour
  • dBA noise levels - Quiet operation from 45dBA
  • Independently Laboratory Tested
  • Easy to use - plug in, set and go
  • Extreme reliability

RENSAIR is unique in that it kills trapped pathogens on the HEPA filter as the UVC lamp will kill the airborne viruses that are trapped on the filter. The unit comes with an indicator to highlight when both the HEPA filter and UVC lamp needs to be changed.

NO specialist maintenance staff are required to change the filter as there is no risk of contamination from live viruses and bacteria that are caught and would normally continue to live on the filter.

This product is used all over Europe and the USA in Schools, Hospitals, Accommodations, Hospitality, Offices and more.

Here is an example of one test result from the Danish Institute of Technology – Bacteria entered into the room. With the air purifier running, after 15 min, 0.011% of the bacteria was detected in the laboratory control room. After 30 minutes the airborne bacteria were undetectable. Without the air purifier running, the natural decay of the bacteria after 15 minutes was still at 61.9% bacteria present. After 30 minutes of natural decay, there was still 20.5% bacteria present. We can provide lab reports if need be.

Examples of use in Schools: Unit operates 10 hours per day, 5 days a week, based on 40 school weeks per year. This means that the HEPA filter and UVC lamp needs to be replaced every 4.5 years. Amazing!


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