Phoenix GuardianR HEPA System




Powerful, Portable, Lightweight, True HEPA

  • Up to 825m3/hr (485 CFM) airflow
  • 1.2 Amps
  • 15KG
  • Compact design
  • Variable speed flow
  • Multiple ducting options
  • Tough, roto-mould cabinet 
  • Optional carbon/potassium permanganate blend filter 
  • Large horizontal inlet maximises capture zone 
  • 30% more filter media maximises filter life 
  • True HEPA filtration with 2-stage filtration design

The Phoenix Guardian R HEPA System is the most compact, portable, True HEPA air filtration device made. Its energy-efficient roto-mould design is durable, lightweight and stackable, making it the ultimate blend of portability and performance.

Whether set-up as an air scrubber or negative air machine, the Phoenix Guardian R HEPA System has been independently tested to verify True HEPA performance of not just the filter but of the entire device while delivering over 500 CFM of filtered air flow. With variable speed control (between 250 CFM and 500 CFM), the Guardian R delivers the right amount of the desired airflow. The efficiency doesn’t end with the filter performance and airflow; the Guardian R draws only 2.4 amps of power. 

This makes the Guardian R HEPA System perfect for a variety of remediation projects where space and power are at a premium. A single Guardian R will provide 4 air changes per hour (the recommended minimum) on 212 M3

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SKU: 10004 TAGS: Flood Restoration, Fire Restoration, Mould Remediation, Meth Remediation, Indoor Air Quality

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