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Powered by a liquid-cooled cast iron Kubota engine, the Apex 570 truckmount uses the patented Sapphire Scientific triple-source thermal well system to deliver consistent high heat. Cerakote ceramic coating lowers the heat radiation on all exhaust components by more than 30%—extends truckmount life and helps to keep van interiors cooler.



Power plant:        Kubota WG972 31 HP liquid cooled cast iron gasoline engine operating at 3000 RPM 
Vacuum pump:    Gardner Denver trilobe HeliFlow® HF408 helical positive displacement blower.                        Vacuum at 13 in. and flows up to 455 CFM. 
Solution pump:   General HTS2016S producing up to 1500 PSI and 5 GPM at 1500 RPM 
Waste tank:         90 gal. marine grade aluminium

Belt cooling:       100 CFM through-frame air injection system 
Dimensions:       Console (W × H × D): 56 × 109 × 127 cm

Frame construction: 0.125" × 2" powder-coated aluminium box tubing.


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