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Cleaners have made the 370 the #1 truckmount because it has the hottest water of any truckmount in its class, best fuel efficiency, strongest vacuum. New for 2023, the 370 uses a smooth-running Kawasaki engine with a Eurus TriLobe blower - a combination that delivers quieter operation and extended durability.

» BEST-EVER HEAT PRODUCTION AND CONTROL for carpets, upholstery, and tile cleaning – produces more usable heat, with minimal heat loss to the environment

» UNIQUE DUMP LESS OPERATION–saves solution, waste tank space

» SPACE-SAVING COMPACT FOOTPRINT– significantly smaller than closest competitor – with all the power

» EXCLUSIVE SHORT REACH SERVICE DESIGN–all serviceable parts within 8 inches of exterior

» HIGH STRENGTH ALUMINIUM frame reduces damaging vibration

» FEWER PARTS THAN ANY COMPARABLE UNIT mean easier maintenance and greater reliability

» LAST-STEP CHEMICAL INJECTION maximises pump performance

» QUIETER RUNNING enables operation in noise- sensitive areas

» EXTENDED BELT LIFE–unique through-frame belt cooling extends belt life


POWER PLANT:   Kawasaki 23 HP V-Twin air-cooled engine

VACUUM PUMP:   Eurus ZG4006 tri-lobe blower. Vacuum to 13 in. Hg and flows up to 317 CFM.

WASTE TANK: 90 gal. marine-grade aluminum standard equipped

SOLUTION PUMP:   General HTXS1813S with an electric clutch operating up to 1500 psi and up to 3.57 GPM at 1478 RPM.

CONSOLE W×H×D:  41 × 97 × 114 cm

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