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9-D-9 is a highly-concentrated general purpose smoke odor counteractant.

9-D-9 is specially formulated to conteract fire and related smoke odors.

It is important that the solution come in direct contact with all contaminated surfaces that might be a source of odor. This provides an initial reduction of strong, objectionable odors. Working with especially difficult odors? Try ProRestore's Guaranteed Odor Removal System.

Use Instructions

  • Apply 9-D-9 with a compression sprayer or an airless paint sprayer only. Do not use with a fogger.
  • Preparing RTU solution: Add 3 ounces of 9-D-9 with enough water to make one gallon of ready-to-use solution (23 mL / L). Saturation spray smoke residue deposits.
  • Detoxifying smoke- and fire-damaged job sites: Treating smoke-damaged surfaces and charred materials with 9-D-9 solution inhibits the evaporation of toxic fire-related vapors. For charred wood or additional odor control: Add 1 ounce of Last Resort™ to each gallon of 9-D-9 solution as prepared above (8 mL / L).
  • Use with other products: 9-D-9 may be added to other water-based cleaning solutions to increase their effectiveness.
  • For best results use 9-D-9 as part of the three step odor removal system.
  • For complete instructions and safety data for this product, refer to the Use Guide and Material Safety Data Sheet

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