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The Tramex Moisture Encounter 5 (ME5) is a Dual-Depth, non-destructive moisture meter for instant moisture measurement and evaluation. Deep Depth penetration up to 30mm & Shallow Depth penetration up to 10mm. 5 Ranges of sensitivity: Wood & Timber / Shallow Depth / Drywall & Roofing / Plaster & Tile / Masonry, making the ME5 ideal for testing in and through a wide range of materials in the building envelope.

The Tramex ME5 is also the ideal instrument for Pest Contollers and Building Inspectors, in the preliminary detection of termites. A higher moisture level than normal can be a good indicator of termite activity, as they require moist, humid conditions for survival.


  • 5 Ranges of sensitivity: Wood & Timber / Shallow Depth / Drywall & Roofing / Plaster & Tile / Masonry
  • Dual-Depth penetration allows for comparative of surface and core moisture and elimination of substrate influence on the testing of coverings.
  • Deep signal penetration, up to 30mm in wood and drywall, detects elevated moisture through most covering materials without having to damage or puncture the materials being tested.
  • Shallow Depth scale is designed to have a field penetration of up to 10mm.
  • Wide range of readings from 5% to 30% on Wood Scale and 0 to 100 on comparative scale for all other materials.
  • Detects moisture through paint, wallpaper, drywall, ceramic tiles, floor coverings, wood, ceiling tiles, roofing membranes, and asphalt composition shingles.
  • Bluetooth connection to accompanying IOS & Android App allowing for continual development and integration of apps and reporting. 
  • Hold Function which enables the user to “freeze” the reading, useful when taking readings where the meter face may not be visible.
  • High Moisture Audio Warning Tone which can be enabled or disabled.
  • Large clear easy to read analog display giving meaningful readings.
  • Rugged ergonomically designed enclosure.


Size: 160mm x 85mm x 38mmWeight: 270g

Construction: ABS BodyPower: 2 x AA ALKALINE (included)

Display: Analogue

Depth of penetration: 

Shallow signal: up to 10mm

Deep signal: up to 30mm

Measuring range:

Wood Moisture Content: 5 to 30%

Reference scale for building materials: 0 to 100


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