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ODORx Last Resort is the world's strongest odor counteractant.

Last Resort is the product to use when other products or systems fail.

Last Resort destroys dead body odors, skunk odors, severe pet and smoke odors, etc.

Last Resort consists of highly concentrated solvents and odor control essential oils that overcome the most obnoxious types of malodors. Last Resort is recommended for use as an odor control booster in heavy or severe situations for ODORx® Liqui-Zone™, ODORx® 9D9™, and Unsmoke® Unsoot™ #1 Encapsulant.


Last Resort is designed to be used as an additive to ODORx Liqui-Zone and 9-D-9.
Mixing: Add 3–6 ounces of 9-D-9 and 1–2 ounces of Last Resort to one gallon of lukewarm tap water. For dead body or skunk odors on colorfast structural surfaces, use 8 ounces of Liqui-Zone™ and 2 ounces of Last Resort per gallon of water.


Spray onto odour sources. It Covers 500–750 square feet per gallon (50–75 square meters / 4 L of RTU) when applied with a commercial airless paint sprayer or electric sprayer.
For unusually heavy smoke odor, add up to 2 ounces of Last Resort to each gallon of 9-D-9 ready-to-use solution. Follow label directions for 9-D-9.For best results on smoke-damaged structural surfaces, mix and apply the following deodorising pre-sealer:
Combine in an empty 5-gallon container:

4 L Unsoot #1 Encapsulant

900ml 9-D-9
150 ml Last Resort
Fill 20ltr mark with water

For complete instructions and safety data for this product, refer to the User Guide and Material Safety Data Sheet

Because Last Resort is so highly concentrated, it is important to use this product at no more than the recommended concentration rate.

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