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Everest 870HP

Our most powerful cleaning and extraction truckmount pairs a liquid-cooled fuel-injected Kubota 4-cylinder engine with a Eurus vacuum blower to deliver industry-leading heat, extraction performance and durability. Plus, nanotech Cerakote treatment dramatically lowers heat radiating from all exhaust components, helping to extend truckmount life and keep van interiors cooler.

  • 5-year warranty – a first for a slide-in!
  • Maximum extraction – use with multiple tools with ease.
  • Abundant hot water – patented fin tube heat exchanger and
  • plate coolant heat exchanger
  • Four-setting thermalogic heat control
  • High pressure (up to 2500 psi) with heat
  • Chemical simulator - adjust chemical flow without having to trigger wand
  • Nanotech Cerakote® coating lowers exhaust components’ heat levels by 30% or more.
  • Economical - E-Idle system can reduce fuel consumption by up to 23%.
  • Power plant: Kubota liquid-cooled 57 HP fuel injected gasoline engine
  • Vacuum pump: Industrial-grade Eurus positive displacement blower with vacuum to 13 in. Hg at 3580 RPM
  • Solution pump: General Pump delivering up to 5.6 GPM and up to 2500 psi at 1500 RPM (high speed setting)
  • Chemical injection system: Last step injection

Heating system

1. Finned stainless steel tube coil with automatic diverter and four heat settings.

2. Engine coolant plate provides rapid cleaning solution preheating and reduced engine coolant temperatures.

  • Prefilter box: Stainless steel basket for easy cleanup between jobs.
  • Frame construction: Powder-coated aluminum 2 in. box tubing

Console: 771KG

 Dimensions: Console (W × H × D):109 x 106 x 132

• 106563 (72-870HP): Everest 870HP with  / 454 L waste tank

SKU: 106563

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