TMF Swivel Wand 1.5" 14" Head, 4 Jets





All wands now upgraded to new anodised heads and large sight glass head:

 1.5" TUBING, 14" HEAD

The famous TMF swivel wands 1.5” versions have arrived. Now available in limited quantities.  Features, max vacuum design, powder coating, anodised heads, soft tough hi-pressure trigger valves, adjustable manifolds, full slotted teflon glides, fully lockable and or full swivel, ergonomic handles and the built on temperature gauges. Now with the new anodised heads coated with a protective layer of oxide with TMF's  electrolytic process, makes the high vac heads retain their appearance for a long time. Isn’t it time you stepped up to higher vac/lift and outstanding modifications that a true high level pro deserves? Then order yours today.


  • 1.5 inch tube with 14" head
  • 4KG
  • Swivels flat to reach under beds 
  • Powder-coated tubes
  • High-pressure valves
  • Valve filter
  • Check valve extensions
  • High flow jets
  • Adjustable manifold
  • Fitted full seal slotted GLIDE
  • Upgraded swivel components 
  • Hose heat shield 
  • Swivel lock
  • Fully rebuildable 

Ordering Info

  • NO Refunds on Custom Wands
  • On order only
  • CAN TAKE UP TO 1-4 WEEKS TO BUILD Plus Freight time (allow 1 week)
  • Local NZ Freight quote required:
  • Payment is required upfront, unless you have a credit account with The Restoration Group Ltd


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