Phoenix Firebird Compact 20

Phoenix FireBird Compact

Electric Heat Drying System

  • 2-8.5 Amp Circuits 220/240 VAC
  • 66cm W x 32cm H x 33cm D
  • 16kg
  • Maximum Heat – 13,500 BTUs - 425 m3/hr (250 CFM)

Powerful, portable and safe, the Phoenix FireBird Portable Electric Heater provides maximum BTUs of instant heat wherever you need them. The FireBird is ETL Certifed, UL Listed and NEC Compliant to ensure safe, reliable operation and offer multiple heating, ducting and electrical options for on-demand heating inside or outside the drying space.

The FireBird utilises a startup delay to prevent potentially dangerous arcing/sparking on startup and all heating elements are shielded in a double wall enclosure to ensure that all external surfaces are safe to touch. Internal pressure switches and temperature cutouts disable the heating elements if blocked airflow or dangerous overheating conditions are detected and the included remote thermostat provides a means to control the heat from anywhere in the drying space.


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