Protimeter MMS3 Restoration Package

The all new MMS3 represents the latest Protimeter technology in one intuitive, robust and fully functional design.

If you’re surveying buildings, inspecting a home, drying a building after a flood, or testing concrete moisture for a flooring application, the MMS2 is the solution for you.


  •  Pin moisture measurement with built-in calibration check

  •  Improved non-invasive moisture measurement with sensitivity mode feature and simple field calibration

  •  Non-contact surface temperature measurement with Infrared (IR) laser pointer

  •  Fast Response

  •  Manual and automatic data logging up to 10,000 records

  •  File viewer mode to view logged data

  •  Data reporting and processing through Protimeter PC software

  •  Live data stream over Bluetooth, data log into file or embedded into an image in Protimeter app Web interface to view the logged data

  •  Easy-to-use interface with color display and multi-language capability

  •  Firmware upgradable

  • Benefits:
     Fast responding hygrometer speeds up building surveys

  •  Replaceable humidity and temperature sensor

  •  No need to plug in multiple accessories

  •  Non-invasive measurement not adversely affected by surface moisture

  •  Highly accurate


When concise and accurate environmental readings need to be reported, the MMS3 gets the job done. The ability to record readings instantly at the push of a button makes this instrument ideal for many applications including:

  •  Fire and flood restoration

  •  Concrete floor moisture measurement

  •  Home inspection

  •  Building survey

  •  Moisture mapping


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