MasterBlend Soil Retardant Shampoo





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Premium Carpet Shampoo

Soil Retardant Shampoo is an advanced shampoo designed for use in a rotary floor, rotary extractor, or foam cleaning machines. 

A superior blend of detergents, degreasers, foaming agents, and soil retardants emulsify dirt and grime as well as protect against resoiling. Soil Retardant Shampoo is aggressive for heavily soiled areas and cleans quickly, eliminating overwetting, and browning. Copolymer technology allows this shampoo to impart a premium soil retardant during the cleaning process. Fast drying makes this product ideal for use in all high-usage facilities that need to be cleaned or maintained on a frequent basis. Also aids in reducing static electricity.  

  • 32:1 - Highly concentrated for economy
  • Ready to use pH is 8.5
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