The IRT2 is a handheld, dual laser, non-contact Infrared Thermometer with 12:1 distance to spot ratio and audible and visible high/low set point alarms. It is used to measure and display surface temperatures within the range of -50°C to 650°C (-58ºF to 1202ºF) and has an accuracy of approximately 1 to 1.5% (see Specifications for details). The IRT2 has a fast response time (0.15 sec) and is powered with a 9V battery and complies with Class II UK/EU laser safety standard EN60285. 


Rapid detection function
Precise non-contact measurements
Dual laser sighting
Automatic Data Hold
User selectable ºC or ºF
Emissivity digitally adjustable from 0.10 to 1.0
MAX temperature display
Backlight LCD display
Trigger LOCK for continuous use
Set high and low alarms
Unique flat surface, modern housing design 


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